Is the Rekord trigger a two stage trigger?

Is the Rekord trigger a two stage trigger?

The Rekord trigger unit is shown in figure 1, complete with the parts list. The Rekord trigger is a two-stage trigger and is fine piece of engineering that was years ahead of its time. The following adjustments are possible: Second stage movement (I also call this creep in this article)

How do you adjust the creep on a Rekord trigger?

To adjust the trigger creep, use a Torx TX8 tool to turn the front trigger adjusting screw (part 52b). Turning the screw clockwise will reduce creep, and anticlockwise will increase it. If the screw is turned too far clockwise, then the trigger will have no second stage pressure and it will release unpredictably during the first stage travel.

What to do if your Rekord trigger is too light?

Turn the rear trigger adjustment screw (part 51a) clockwise to increase the trigger pressure, or anticlockwise to reduce it. If you reduce the trigger pressure too much, the trigger blade will not return if you release pressure on it during first stage travel. Also the second stage pressure can be too light making it unpredictable and dangerous.

How to adjust a Weihrauch Rekord trigger unit?

1. Adjust the trigger. 2. Dismantle the trigger components. 3. Re-assemble the trigger components. 4. Polish the sears. !!! Warning !!! Maintaining sear engagement and pressure until the user deliberately releases the trigger is essential for safety reasons, any person making adjustments to the trigger unit set-up must always bear this in mind.

Do you need a Rekord trigger to Polish a Sears?

Use of this information is at the readers own risk. Section 4 deals with polishing the sears to produce a smoother first stage travel; most users of Rekord triggers do not need this, it is only for those who desire perfection and are skilled in fine grinding techniques. If in doubt, seek professional advice.