Is the movie Piranha based on a true story?

Is the movie Piranha based on a true story?

“It’s based on a true story,” he deadpanned. So, um, add “biopic” to this delightful hodgepodge of genres, which include horror, comedy, date movie and nasty-marine-life-vs. -people flick. “Richard Dreyfuss didn’t even know he was shooting ‘Piranha,’ ” laughed Scheer.

How many Piranha movies are there?

Piranha II: The Spawning1981

Where can I watch Piranha?

Watch Piranha Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Who is the director of the movie Piranha?

Piranha, also known as Piranhas, is a 1995 American horror film directed by Scott P. Levy about a school of killer piranhas descending upon the bustling Lost River Lake Resort. Produced by Roger Corman for the Showtime network, the film is a remake of the 1978 film Piranha, directed by Joe Dante.

Is the movie Piranha a parody of Jaws?

Piranha is a horror franchise that comprises five horror comedy films. The original film is a parody of the 1975 film Jaws . Piranha is a 1978 American horror B movie about a swarm of killer piranhas.

What did Roger Ebert say about the movie Piranha?

Roger Ebert mocked the “really bad special effects” and the “odd compulsion” of the characters “to jump into the water the very moment they discover it is infested by piranhas.” Variety wrote that the film was “not without its exciting moments” and noted that the in-jokes for film buffs added “another dimension to a routine potboiler.”

Who was the makeup artist for the movie Piranha?

This movie was one of the first efforts for effects and makeup artists Rob Bottin and Phil Tippett. See more » In the opening scene of the film when the two teenagers break into the piranha containment area, the girl strips down to her underwear to go swimming. Before she jumps in, her underwear is white.