Is the Mikuni carburetor an affiliated company?

Is the Mikuni carburetor an affiliated company?

Check-out the wide selection and discount prices. We locate and promote products from a wide range of Mikuni Resellers and Vendors. This site is not affiliated with Mikuni Corporation.

Can You Trust National carburetors to do the job right?

You can trust us to do the job right. We have rebuilt hundreds of thousands of carburetors since 1954. We carry carburetors for: American cars and trucks, import cars and trucks, antique cars, classic cars, muscle cars, boats, and industrial engines.

Who is Novi financial and what does it do?

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Where can I buy a marine carburetor kit?

We also sell a wide variety of marine carburetor kits, floats, and pull-offs for Mercury Marine, Palmer, OMC, Gray Marine, outboard motors and other marine carburetors. Whatever you need to get your carburetor up and running, you can find it at Mike’s Carburetor Parts.

Who is the largest supplier of carburetors in the USA?

If you don’t see the results you expected or have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 904-636-9400. Welcome to NationalCarburetors.Com, one of the largest suppliers of carburetors in the USA! You can trust us to do the job right.

Which is the best place to buy carburetor parts?

Mike’s Carburetor Parts is the number one online retailer for all carburetor parts for popular brands. We are passionate about carburetor repairs and we want to share our passion with you.

What kind of rebuild kit does a Mikuni use?

Repair Kit for MK BSR 33mm Carburetor Rebuild Kits with Diaphragm Yamaha Big Bear Bruin MK-BSR33 Product Description & Features: Fits for 2000-2004 Yamaha Big Mikuni Super BN SBN Carb Rebuild Kit Jet Ski 38 44 46 Seadoo Yamaha 451460 Product Description & Features: Fits: 1995-1998 Polaris Magnum 425 2×4/4X4;

What are the benefits of the Mikuni Hoshi program?

Mikuni Hoshi – offered by invitation and designed to reward the upper-level Koki Club tier members, the Koki Club Hoshi offers rewards to greater heights of variety and excellence. Exclusive benefits include personal Concierge service, discounts to special events, and reservation privileges.

What kind of throttle does a Mikuni use?

Mikuni’s smoothbore, flatslide throttle with roller bearings, and accelerator pump technology delivers peak performance from idle to Wide Open Throttle. Available in 42, 45, and 48mm throttle bores for use with stock, mild, and highly modified engines.