Is the AMC 258 a good engine?

Is the AMC 258 a good engine?

The great thing about this engine is it reliable, inexpensive, and has horse power and torque peaks at low RPM. The 258 has a cast iron block and cylinder head, hydraulic lifters (with non-adjustable rockers), 7 main bearings, and cast iron crankshaft and rods.

How much horsepower can a inline 6 have?

With a 230-cubic-inch inline six with a mild cam, headers, and the cylinder head work we’ve described, you could expect to make around 250 to perhaps 260 horsepower. Because the inline six crankshaft is so long, even with 7 main bearings it’s probably not a good idea to spin these engines much beyond 6,000 rpm.

Is the Jeep 4.2 a good motor?

The 4.2 is a solid engine as well and as you said at a less horse power than the 4.0. The number of miles the engine can get on it is based on proper service on both models. The major difference between the two is the 4.2 is carbureted and the 4.0 is fuel injected. Both has it’s own problems.

How much horsepower does a 4.0 inline 6 have?

190 horsepower
The Jeep’s 4.0-liter straight-six engine’s maximum of 190 horsepower and 235 pound-feet of torque made the Jeep famously reliable if a little slow.

What year did jeep stop using the inline 6?

Chrysler’s 4.0L Straight Six Engine Over the course of nearly 20 years this engine was refined and tweaked before being phased out in 2006. The inline six has powered Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, Wagoneers, Wranglers, and even Comanches.

How many cylinders is a 4.2 engine?

The 4.2-liter engine is an inline six-cylinder (I-6) and is powered by regular gasoline. It has 24 valves–four valves per cylinder–and they are in a double-overhead-cam (DOHC) configuration. This means that there are two camshafts and they sit on the top of the cylinder head.

What is the best inline 6 engine?

Ranking The Greatest Inline-6 Engines Of All Time

  • 8 TVR Speed Six.
  • 7 BMW N55/S55.
  • 6 BMW M88.
  • 5 Cummins 6BT.
  • 4 Jaguar XK6.
  • 3 Ford Barra.
  • 2 Nissan RB26DETT.
  • 1 Toyota 2JZ.

What kind of engine should I get with a 258?

220-250 hp should be easy enough to do with a 258 and still be a good streetable engine. I think I’d stick to 9:1 compression unless you want to run premium fuel.

What kind of engine does a Mercury outboard have?

Mercury Outboard Model Code Model Code Engine Features CXL Extra long shaft (25″/635mm) driveshaft CXXL Extra extra long shaft (30″/762mm) drive E Electric start, short shaft (15″/381mm) EH Electric start, short shaft (15″/381mm)

What was the last car I built with a 258 motor?

The last 258 I build was a base stock motor in a 85 CJ7. Im aware of the structural differences in the pre and post 72 motors, and the limited displacment of running a 6cyl car. Im not looking for 400hp….. but just wondering how far you can push a 258 for street use with out using forced induction?

Can you use the 258 head on a 4.0?

You can use the 258 head it would just take allot of head work to get it and the 4.0 fits without all the work to be done. here is another that claims 184 hp at the rear wheels with a 4.6 build Thanks for the info.