Is Super Flower PSU good?

Is Super Flower PSU good?

Super Flower is one of the best PSU OEMs nowadays, and thanks to its designs, EVGA managed to become highly popular in the PSU market, especially in the US. You can find detailed information, including efficiency and noise output data, on all popular Super Flower models, in the Cybenetics database.

Where are super flower PSU made?

mainland China
Super Flower Computer Inc. is a professional switching power supply manufacturer in mainland China with headquarters in the Taiwan Xinzhuang area. Super Flower Computer Inc. was established in 1991, we specialize in manufacturing and developing power supply and related products for more than 20 years.

Is Super Flower Leadex III?

LEADEX III series PSU are 80PLUS Gold certified with 100% fully modular cable design, our R&D team’s latest innovation, a brilliant idea to maximize PSU cables & connectors management to have the best cable routing solution, also increase case chassis air flow to have best cooling for your system. LEADEX III series PSU …

How much does a superflower power supply cost?

A 550w model is 80+ Gold and is only £50 which is quite cheap for a gold rated PSU. Edit: The only bad thing I see if the 1 year warranty.

What kind of power supply does Super Flower Leadex III use?

Having already reviewed the 850 W Leadex III model, I have an idea of what to expect from its smaller sibling which is, with a capacity of 650 W, ideal for a strong single-GPU system. The SF-650F14HG, or Leadex III 650 W, is a fully modular power supply featuring Cybenetics ETA-A and 80 PLUS Gold efficiency certifications.

Is the Super Flower PSU a good product?

I haven’t seen a bad review, ever, for a SF made PSU. They actually built quality PSUs. A company name change would be a good idea, though. It seems to be miss-leading peoples minds to think about junk quality, all the time. Super Flower is actually a fairly decent psu OEM.

What kind of fan does Super Flower use?

Still, a 135 mm or even 140 mm fan could have been used. Super Flower went with a 130 mm fan instead, which I won’t have a problem with if a very relaxed fan-speed profile is used. This power supply is supported by a semi-passive operation with three operating modes: 0, 1, and 2, which deactivates the passive operation.