Is Shahrukh Khan 8-pack real?

Is Shahrukh Khan 8-pack real?

Shah Rukh Khan reveals the secret behind his 8-pack abs for Happy New Year. All the SRK haters who have claimed that Shah Rukh’s 8-pack abs are fake, this video is a slap on their face! The pictures of Shah Rukh Khan’s 8-pack abs made big news after Happy New Year stills were released.

Does SRK have 8-pack abs?

Mumbai: Not too long ago we saw Shah Rukh Khan flaunt his newly attained eight-pack abs for Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’. From a 6-pack in ‘Om Shanti Om’, he has now progressed to an 8-pack. The hours of exercise and strict diet have certainly paid off.

Can you get 8-pack abs?

Bottom line. Your ability to achieve a visible pack of abs — whether a four-, six-, or eight-pack — is largely determined by genetics. However, healthy lifestyle choices, like losing belly fat and exercising, can provide anyone with a fit and toned abdomen. A strong core also helps with overall strength and balance.

What is Shahrukh Khan age?

55 years (November 2, 1965)
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How many pack abs does Shah Rukh Khan have?

He used to hang Hrithik’s picture in his gym for motivation He corrected all his fans on live feed: He doesn’t have six pack abs, mind you, he has eight. It started with Om Shanti Om and since then King Khan hasn’t looked back.

What kind of workout does Shahrukh Khan do?

SRK focuses on one body part at a time and covers working out his entire body through the week. His workouts consist of functional and strength training along with a focus on weight and suspension training for a full-body workout. To tone his abdominal muscles, he prefers to do a 10-minute cardio workout.

What foods does Shahrukh Khan eat in a day?

His day consists of having 6-7 small meals throughout the day. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, protein drink, chicken, egg whites, pulses, skimmed milk and lean meats are included in his meals. He avoids eating processed food and sugar as much as he can.He also avoids unhealthy and fried food.

How often does SRK work out with 8 packs?

Under strict training and guidance from celebrity fitness trainer, Prashant Sawant, SRK has succeeded to build his sculpted body with 8-packs. He hits the gym 5 days in a week and follows a very rigorous workout regime. He does not train for more than 45 minutes in a day.