Is NVMe storage class memory?

Is NVMe storage class memory?

However, two recent improvements in storage technology – Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) in conjunction with Storage Class Memory (SCM) – can help solve this issue. NVMe is a data protocol and interface that helps speed up the transfer of data between enterprise resources and end-user systems and storage drives.

What are SCM drives?

Storage class memory (SCM) is a type of physical computer memory that combines dynamic random access memory (DRAM), NAND flash memory and a power source for data persistence. SCM is more durable than DRAM, and it can read and write data as much as 10 times faster than NAND drives.

What’s the name of the new storage class?

R. Freitas and W. Wilcke, Storage Class Memory: the next storage system technology –”Storage Technologies & Systems” special issue of the IBM Journal of R&D (2008) Storage Class Memory 3Science & Technology – IBM Almaden Research CenterJan 2013

What is the definition of storage class memory?

Definition of Storage Class Memory A new class of data storage/memory devices many technologies compete to be the ‘best’ SCM SCM blurs the distinction between MEMORY ( fast, expensive, volatile ) and STORAGE ( slow, cheap, non-volatile SCM features:

When was the performance gap between memory and storage?

DISK RAM CPU 1980 …but while prices are dropping, the performance gapbetween memory and storage remains significant, and the already-poor device enduranceof Flash is getting worse. ON-chip memory OFF-chip memory ON-line storage OFF-line storage Decreasing co$t 100 108 103 104 105 106 107 109 1010 Get data from DRAM/SCM (60ns) 10

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