Is NEJM knowledge plus worth?

Is NEJM knowledge plus worth?

There’s never been a solution for lifelong learning and board review quite like NEJM Knowledge+. It is the most efficient, engaging, and effective way for you to learn, improve the quality of your practice, and assess and improve your clinical knowledge.

Is Mksap good for ABIM?

BOTTOM LINE: MKSAP is probably the gold standard of review materials for ABIM. It is a thorough review program with the added benefit of highlighting inpatient content for budding hospitalists.

How good is Mksap?

MKSAP is an excellent source for age-appropriate cancer screening guidelines and this is definitely high-yield for test day. The short-comings of MKSAP, in general, is that many questions are fairly straightforward and ABIM is not.

How many questions are on NEJM knowledge plus?

NEJM Knowledge+ includes more than 1500 case-based questions divided into a series of specialty-specific modules (cardiology, pulmonology, infectious disease, and so on). Each question is based on one or two key learning objectives that we think are important to master in the practice of medicine.

How does NEJM knowledge + save you time?

NEJM Knowledge+ saves you time and sets you up for success with an engaging, efficient, lifelong learning experience. With content that is clinically relevant, based on best available evidence, comprehensive for board review, and free from commercial influence.

How does NEJM knowledge + Internal Medicine board review work?

As your proficiency steadily improves and you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, you can approach exam day and each day in clinic with true confidence. NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review offers two (2) practice exams as another measure to track your performance and prepare you for test day.

What is the difference between USMLE and NEJM knowledge +?

USMLE focuses on basic science and mechanistic questions whereas NEJM Knowledge+ is primarily clinical. It is more relevant for Step 2 and very relevant for Step 3. What is included in NEJM Knowledge+? Guided by your board’s blueprint (ABIM, AAFP, ABP, or NCCPA) Two (2) practice exams that approximate the experience of taking the board exams

Which is the best learning system for NEJM?

Integrated with NEJM Resident 360. “I started using NEJM Knowledge+ and I think it is the best learning system that I have ever used. It is a very innovative method of learning that … keeps track of your learning on different topics and retests you in a strategic manner until you are proficient in the area.