Is medical school application consulting worth it?

Is medical school application consulting worth it?

I would absolutely recommend doing mock interviews, either through that service, with physicians you know, or through a medical school admissions consulting service. It is a must to complete the appropriate preparation to help ensure your success on interview day.

How do I find a medical school advisor?

Gather advice from knowledgeable sources. Check to see if your school has a pre-med advisor and/or advisory committee; if they do, take advantage of the support they can provide. If not, utilize the Find an Advisor resource from the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP).

Do medical schools have advisors?

A medical school advisor is an advisor that provides advice, tools, and recommendations to help you with your medical school application and medical school interview preparation.

What should I ask my medical school admissions counselor?

Ask your medical school admissions team these critical questions

  • “Where do your graduates end up and how are you helping them get there?”
  • “What research opportunities are available on campus?”
  • “What is campus life like?”
  • “Which organizations are available to help students connect with like-minded peers?”

Are there any medical school admissions consulting companies?

There are a lot of admissions consulting companies out there. Find out what makes us the best option for students. You won’t find a team of more qualified admissions experts anywhere. All of our advisors graduated from Harvard Medical School and are current physicians.

Why are Kaplan’s Medical School Admissions consultants so effective?

Kaplan’s medical school admissions consultants are so effective because of their deep experience in the field. Most have served on admissions committees or as advisors—many at the top medical schools—and they bring really cogent insight into the admissions decision-making process.

Who is the admissions consultant for Stanford University?

Applicants can turn to academic advisers for help because they are often very in tune with the medical school admissions process, says Iris C. Gibbs, the associate dean for M.D. admissions at the Stanford University School of Medicine. “They keep abreast of a lot of the various trends,” says Gibbs.

Who is the best consultant for medical school?

Consultants may provide solid advice, but they aren’t always affordable. A premed adviser can often help college students with medical school applications, experts say. (Getty Images) At, Shermel Sherman helps premed students wade through the intense medical school admissions process.