Is Kadlec part of Providence?

Is Kadlec part of Providence?

We are operated by Kadlec Regional Medical Center (KRMC), serving patients since 1944, and affiliated with Providence Health and Services since 2014. Providence is the region’s largest private employer and medical provider and has brought important support to Kadlec.

What insurance does Kadlec?

We’re pleased that Kadlec is an in-network provider in two of the SEBB plans: Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) administered by Regence Blue Shield. Kaiser Permanente.

Who owns Kadlec regional medical center?

Joseph’s Health
Joseph’s Health, as the sole owner. The ownership change requires Kadlec to buy the remaining shares, triggering a valuation of the center, DeGooyer said. It’s a process that could take up to 180 days.

What does Kadlec mean?

Kadlec (feminine Kadlecová) is a Czech surname meaning weaver.

How to become a family medicine doctor at Kadlec?

After medical school, doctors who want to specialize in Family Medicine must complete a three-year residency program. Resident doctors at Kadlec Family Medicine Residency work hand-in-hand with experienced family medicine physicians and other physician mentors to provide quality health care to patients, in both the clinic and hospital settings.

Who are the doctors at Kadlec Clinic West Richland?

Kadlec Clinic – West Richland Primary Care. Providers at Kadlec Clinic West Richland Primary Care offer care for patients of all ages – from prenatal to end-of-life. The medical staff includes specialists in internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine.

What kind of health care does Kadlec offer?

For 75 years, Kadlec has been the leading health care organization in the region, offering primary and specialty care to patients in the Tri-Cities and surrounding region. As a not-for-profit community health system with more than 4,000 caregivers and volunteers, Kadlec is committed to its mission of providing safe, compassionate care.

Is there a no visitor policy at Kadlec?

Kadlec understands the importance and value of patients having access to their loved ones while receiving care in the hospital and clinics. However, there are times when limitations must be placed on incoming visitors to reduce the potential spread of disease. This is one of those times. Kadlec has implemented a “no visitor” policy.