Is it in particularly or in particular?

Is it in particularly or in particular?

“In particular” can be used as a sentential adverb, in the same way that “yesterday” can be. Particularly can usually be used as a sentential adverb (but “in particular” often sounds better in these situations): In particular, I eat bread at lunch and dinner. Particularly, I eat bread at lunch and dinner.

Where do we use in particular?

You use in particular to indicate that what you are saying applies especially to one thing or person. The situation in rural areas in particular is worrying.

What is the difference between in particular and especially?

Feel free to just provide example sentences. I especially like pancakes. However, I like blueberry pancakes in particular. There isn’t a very big difference between them, just “in particular” means that it is more specific out of many.

How do you use particular in a sentence?

Particular sentence example

  1. The crowd seemed clustered at one particular spot.
  2. She had no particular concern about that part.
  3. As if it were no particular problem, he said they had lost vital signs in flight a couple times.
  4. He paid particular attention to the March expense accounts and itineraries.

What is a synonym for in particular?

detail, particular, item(noun) a small part that can be considered separately from the whole. “it was perfect in all details”. Synonyms: contingent, particular proposition, item, detail, token, point, specific.

What does particularly mean?

Definition of particularly. 1 : in a particular manner : in detail. 2 : to an unusual degree a particularly dry summer particularly stormy weather.

What is another word for particularly?

peculiarly, particularly(adverb) uniquely or characteristically. “these peculiarly cinematic elements”; “a peculiarly French phenomenon”; “everyone has a moment in history which belongs particularly to him”- John Knowles . Synonyms: especially, oddly, curiously, specially, peculiarly, in particular.

What is another word for “more specifically”?

More Specifically synonyms – 120 Words and Phrases for More Specifically. be more specific. more explicitly. more precisely. a nicety. adv. accurately. adv. bang on.