Is Brookfield Residential a good builder?

Is Brookfield Residential a good builder?

We are an award-winning homebuilder and industry leader with an exceptional reputation for quality, design, and customer service. Our enduring focus on creating ‘landmark communities’ throughout Southern California has affirmed our reputation as an influential builder.

Is Brookfield Residential public?

Brookfield Asset Management offers a range of public and private investment products and services, and is co-listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange and Euronext under the symbol BAM, BAM. Brookfield Residential is listed on the NYSE and TSX under the symbol BRP.

Who owns Brookfield Homes?

Brookfield Asset Management
Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. is a Canadian real estate developer that has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta….Brookfield Residential.

Type Subsidiary
Total equity $1.6 billion
Number of employees 950 (2013)
Parent Brookfield Asset Management
Website Official website

Is Brookfield a good company to work for?

Great corporate job with great benefits and growth potential.

What kind of company is Brookfield Residential Properties?

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. is a leading land developer and homebuilder in North America. We entitle and develop land to create master-planned communities, build and sell lots to third-party builders and conduct our own homebuilding operations.

Is there a Brookfield home in Austin TX?

Brookfield Homes has recently acquired Grand Haven Homes in Texas. Grand Haven built my house in 2016 but now they call themselves Brookfield so my review will be to warn others of what Brookfield is today in Austin.

How many star ratings does Brookfield Residential have?

Home Builders Updated on 04/07/2021 Brookfield Residential 1.8/5 (54 ratings) 5 stars 7 4 stars 3 3 stars 1 2 stars 3 1 stars 40 Are you this business? Save Saved Live agent Are you this business? Find a Home Builders partner

When did I first work for Brookfield homes?

I worked for Brookfield Homes (Southern California) from 2003 to 2009 as their receptionist and eventually, in the Customer Care Department. I sat in on various managers’ meetings taking notes