Is BeautiControl cosmetics still in business?

Is BeautiControl cosmetics still in business?

The BeautiControl brand offered beauty products for more than 30 years before announcing they were closing. However, Youngevity International stepped in and bought BeautiControl, preserving the brand name, and so the treasured product line is still available to you today.

What happened BeautiControl makeup?

(NASDAQ:YGYI) today announced they have reached an agreement whereby Tupperware Brands will sell Beauticontrol assets to Youngevity, a leading omni-direct lifestyle company. The agreement will allow Beauticontrol’s sales force to again be able to purchase many of the products that they and their customers love.

What is BeautiControl called now?

In May 1991, when it became obvious that Mary Kay Cosmetics was unable to prove how BeautiControl, a company one tenth of its size, could monopolize the direct-sales cosmetics business, Mary Kay officials conceded defeat, abandoning the ColorLogic name (they changed it to ColorSelect).

Who bought BeautiControl?

Tupperware Brands
Tupperware Brands, which bought BeautiControl in 2000 for $60 million, announced earlier this month that it would close the unit after failing to find a buyer.

Who are the owners of BeautiControl Cosmetics company?

Beginning in 1983, BeautiControl offered professional color analysis as a complimentary service. Within a year, consultant ranks swelled three times in size, and sales totaled $7.95 million. Richard Heath assumed control of manufacturing, distribution, and sales for the company. Jinger Heath concentrated on the product line.

When did BeautiControl start offering total image services?

In 1996, BeautiControl was the only direct sales cosmetics company to offer “total image” services.

When did BeautiControl start selling Tri-Chem products?

In 1972 Heath’s wife, Jinger, started selling BeautiControl products. She did well as a BeautiControl consultant but Heath’s position as an executive in the company created some concerns and Jinger resigned. In the meantime, the BeautiControl subsidiary began losing money for Tri-Chem.

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