Is an Audi warranty transferable?

Is an Audi warranty transferable?

Audi warranty coverage is transferable to new owners if you sell your vehicle before the coverage period expires.

Is certified pre-owned warranty transferable?

Most CPO program are transferrable to the next private owner, but the Audi Approved:plus, BMW Premium Selection, Mercedes-Benz Certified and MINI NEXT warranties cease as soon as you sell the car (although for BMW and MINI, the remaining breakdown cover does carryover to the new owner).

Does Audi have certified pre-owned warranty cover?

To ensure confidence in your purchase, all pre-owned qualifying Audi Approved :plus vehicles must pass a rigorous 115-point quality inspection, while also offering a manufacturer backed warranty for 2 years, with unlimited kilometres. Your warranty will last for 24 months. …

Is Audi certified pre-owned good?

Audi certified pre-owned vehicles are an excellent choice for someone who wants luxury and reliability without paying brand new car prices. If the new car warranty is still active, there is no additional warranty. There’s also no separate powertrain warranty.

Is there an Audi certified pre-owned limited warranty?

The Audi Certified pre-owned Limited Warranty features Unlimited Mileage with coverage honored at over 300 Audi dealerships throughout the U.S. The time duration of the CPO Limited Warranty depends on whether any New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage remains at time of purchase.

Is the Audi warranty transferable to a new owner?

Audi warranty coverage is transferable to new owners if you sell your vehicle before the coverage period expires. While the Audi warranty is comprehensive, like any car warranty, there are a few exclusions.

What are the benefits of Audi certified pre-owned?

We’ve got 10 1 A comprehensive 300+ point inspection. 2 Unlimited mileage warranty coverage. 3 The Audi Certified pre-owned program offers exceptional benefits. 4 Our vehicles are built to last. 5 Our vehicles are designed to stand the test of time. 6 The driver is top of mind. 7 Purchase the Audi you’ve always dreamed about.

When does the certified pre owned limited warranty expire?

Once that expires, the Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty goes into effect, providing an additional 12-months of coverage with unlimited miles. After that, a CPO Extended Limited Warranty is available for one or two years, also with unlimited miles, so you can buy and drive with total confidence. The CPO Limited Warranty: What’s Covered?