Is alia a Nygard brand?

Is alia a Nygard brand?

Nygård International was a Canadian clothing brand, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that was founded and named after Peter Nygård. It was the largest producer of women’s apparel in Canada….Nygård International.

Type Private
Products Apparel
Brands ALIA TanJay Nygård Slims
Number of employees formerly 1450

Is Alia gone out of business?

Winnipeg-based women’s retailer is liquidating its chain of 169 stores including Alia and Tan Jay.

Why is Tan Jay closing?

U.S. department store chain cutting ties with Nygard in light of sexual assault allegations. Dillard’s, a large department store chain with nearly 300 locations in the U.S., is severing ties with Canadian fashion company Nygard over recent sexual assault allegations against the company’s founder, Peter Nygard.

What are the names of the clothing company Nygard?

Nygård International was a Canadian clothing brand that was based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. While the company was active it produced clothing under brand names such as Peter Nygård, Nygard Slims, Bianca Nygard, ADX, TanJay, Alia and Allison Daley.

Where to find the nearest alia clothing store?

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What’s the difference between Nygard and Alia N Tanjay?

While not a luxury brand, Nygard’s products were not cheap. The Alia N TanJay brands were plainer and less expensive, designed for a more “traditional” and often older consumer, Ms. Evans said. The namesake brand does not have the same cachet any more.

Where can I buy Peter Nygard fashions?

The Nygård Fashions brands included Peter Nygård Collections, Bianca Nygård, and Nygård SLIMS. Nygård Moderate also had three National Brands that were exclusively available at Dillard’s in the US. Retail stores carrying Nygård brands included Walmart, Costco, Winners, and Belks, as well as a number of small independent stores across North America.