Is a GTX 680 good for gaming?

Is a GTX 680 good for gaming?

“The GTX 680 offers significant gaming and power enhancements over the last generation of NVIDIA cards and is priced very competitively against the 7970 which it regularly matches or exceeds in gaming.” “NVIDIA clearly has a winner on their hands with the GTX 680.

Is the GTX 680 still good 2018?

The 680 still supports modern features such as 4K (although I wouldn’t recommend gaming at this resolution with this card) and DirectX 12. Overall, it is a decent budget gaming card, available at the time of writing for about $80–90 USD.

Is GTX 680 better than 1050ti?

Gaming performance GTX 1050 Ti satisfies 97% minimum and 86% recommended requirements of all games known to us. GTX 680 satisfies 95% minimum and 82% recommended requirements of all games known to us.

What kind of graphics card is EVGA GTX 680?

Please enter a question. Get to the next level with the EVGA GeForce GTX 680. This card delivers truly game-changing performance that taps into the powerful new GeForce architecture to redefine smooth, seamless, lifelike gaming. It offers brand new, never before seen features that will redefine the way you think about performance graphics cards.

Can a GTX 680 be used as a SLI?

Used by the most demanding gamers worldwide, SLI lets you link up to three GeForce GTX 680s together for astounding performance. And with NVIDIA’s track record for fast and frequent software updates, you’ll not only get the best performance in existing games, but future games too.

Which is better GTX 780 or GTX 680?

Depending on game and settings, the performance of the GTX 680 is similar to a Radeon R9 280X. Therefore, even the fastest mobile GPUs like the GeForce GTX 780M are outperformed by more than 30 percent. Demanding games like Metro: Last Light can be played fluently in 1080p and maximum detail settings.

What’s the core clock of a GeForce GTX 680?

The core clock can be boosted up to 1058 MHz (from 1006 base clock) and the memory is clocked at 3004 MHz (GDDR5). The similar named mobile GeForce GTX 680M is also based on the GK104 chip, but offers only 1344 shader as the desktop GTX 670 and a low clock rate of 720 MHz.