How to activate MacKeeper without installing the app?

How to activate MacKeeper without installing the app?

How to activate MacKeeper without installing the app 1 Open your inbox 2 Copy your 16-digit MacKeeper activation key from the order confirmation email 3 Go to, log in or create an account, and click Enter Activation Code 4 Next, paste your code and hit Activate

What can MacKeeper do for my MacBook Pro?

MacKeeper does it all for you. One click to instantly free up Mac memory space. Two clicks to stop memory-hogging apps and processes. That’s all it takes to help your Mac breathe easier. Macs shouldn’t take forever to start. Reduce your Mac’s startup time. See which apps are set to launch at startup and remove those you don’t want—so simple.

What does it mean to have a MacKeeper certification?

Certification ensures that an app is both safe and consumer friendly. We started our company to help companies claim that they are compliant, and help consumers trust what those apps claim. That’s what we focus on with this certification, both for products like MacKeeper and services like MacKeeper Customer Services.

Is there an older version of MacKeeper available?

Contact MacKeeper support to install an earlier version of MacKeeper, as the older version is no longer available for download on our website. MacKeeper Customer Services will be able to send you a link to download the installation file for the older version of MacKeeper

Do you need antivirus protection on a MacKeeper?

Yes. MacKeeper comes with antivirus protection and an Adware Cleaner, a tool that detects and removes malware, viruses, Trojans, adware infections, and other major threats. Plus, you’ll always have 24/7 customer support by your side.

Where do I find the start Scan button for MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is successfully installed once you see the @svg (‘faq/app-icon’) icon in your menu bar (it’s in the top-right corner of your desktop). If you open MacKeeper, in most cases you should also see a blue Start Scan button at the bottom of the window. Now you can click Start Scan to proceed with using MacKeeper. 2. Get started