How powerful would a fusion bomb be?

How powerful would a fusion bomb be?

The second type of nuclear weapons, known as hydrogen bombs or fusion bombs, produces a large amount of its energy through nuclear fusion reactions. They can be over 1000 times more powerful than fission bombs as fusion reactions release much more energy per unit of mass than fission reactions.

What is the average blast radius of a nuclear bomb?

Within a 6-km (3.7-mile) radius of a 1-megaton bomb, blast waves will produce 180 tonnes of force on the walls of all two-storey buildings, and wind speeds of 255 km/h (158 mph). In a 1-km (0.6-mile) radius, the peak pressure is four times that amount, and wind speeds can reach 756 km/h (470 mph).

Are fusion bombs more powerful?

In both cases, a significant amount of energy is released, which drives the explosion, experts say. However, more energy is released during the fusion process, which causes a bigger blast. “The extra yield is going to give you more bang,” Morse said.

How big is the yield of a nuclear bomb?

As a comparison, the blast yield of the GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb is 0.011 kt, and that of the Oklahoma City bombing, using a truck-based fertilizer bomb, was 0.002 kt. Most artificial non-nuclear explosions are considerably smaller than even what are considered to be very small nuclear weapons.

Is there a limit to the yield of a fusion bomb?

However, there is no known upper yield limit for a fusion bomb. Because the maximum theoretical yield-to-weight ratio is about 6 megatons of TNT per metric ton, and the maximum achieved ratio was 5.2 megatons of TNT per metric ton, there is a practical limit on the total yield for an air-delivered weapon.

How do you calculate the Nuclear Blast Radius?

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Can a 100% pure fusion bomb be made?

Actually, you will not create 100% pure (i.e. no fallout) thermonuclear (fusion) bomb. Fusion process itself generates stray neutrons (among other radiation types) that can, and will cause secondary radioactive isotopes form from matter around the bomb, thru neutron activation process.