How old is Emblem3?

How old is Emblem3?

Emblem 3

Emblem 3
Names Drew Chadwick Keaton Stromberg Wesley Stromberg
Age(s) 17-21
Hometown Washington

Is Emblem3 still make music?

All members are currently doing their own music. Drew Chadwick under the name CHADWICK, Wesley Stromberg Under WESLEY, and Keaton Stromberg currently serves as the lead vocalist for his new band THE SOCIAL. Their latest EP Pyro released on October 25, 2019.

When did Emblem3 break up?

They left Syco and are now independent. On June 20th 2014, Drew Chadwick left the band to start a solo career. On June 6th, the remaining members announced that Emblem3 will be on a break as they start working on seperate projects.

Are Emblem3 still together?

Now, the band is broken up and Wesley Stromberg is dropping his own solo music. Then, Drew came back to the band and they went on tour together. They even released two songs, “Homerun” and “New Day” on their app earlier this year. The boys have decided to not continue as Emblem3 as of right now.

What is the meaning of emblem3?

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What is the meaning of Emblem3?

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Who are the members of the band Emblem3?

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Emblem3 is an American reggae pop band from Sequim, Washington, consisting of Wesley Stromberg, Summit Jaffe, and Drew Chadwick, with Keaton Stromberg being a former member.

When did Emblem3 come back from their break?

On June 6th, the remaining members announced that Emblem3 will be on a break as they start working on seperate projects. On October 25th, after weeks of speculation, Drew confirmed that he had returned to the group and that they were all back together working on new projects.

When did Emblem3 leave The X Factor USA?

Emblem3 is a music group that gained popularity for participating in season 2 of ‘The X Factor’ in 2012. The band formed in Sequim, 2007. They signed with Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Records and Columbia Records after finishing fourth on the second season of The X Factor (USA). They left Syco and are now independent.