How much return do PMS give?

How much return do PMS give?

The investment manager will take the decision regarding the selection and investment of funds on his own. This PMS type provides returns in the range of 8% to 25% for 5-10 years investment period, depending upon the PMS provider.

Is PMS a good investment?

Portfolio Management Service The minimum investment limit of Rs 50 lakh is also a deterrent for retail investors to invest in equities through PMS. Therefore, PMS fund managers can potentially generate greater alpha as compared to their mutual fund peers,” said Nitin Rao, CEO, InCred Wealth.

Is PMS a good investment in India?

Portfolio management services (PMS) is a customised solution for high net-worth individuals (HNIs), it offers greater flexibility with an investor’s money and higher returns too. So if you have a substantial amount you want to invest, such as say a crore, this service can prove beneficial.

How are PMS returns calculated?

How is PMS performance calculated? The performance of a discretionary portfolio manager is calculated using time weighted rate of return (TWRR) method for the immediately preceding three years or period of operation, whichever is lesser.

How is the performance of Porinju Veliyath PMS?

The track record of Equity Intelligence strategy is extremely impressive. From the above table, we can see that the Portfolio created by the Porinju Veliyath PMS has performed very well over the years. In the year 2013-14, the return of the portfolio was recorded 75.03% against BSE 500 16.93% and Nifty 17.81%.

What kind of stocks does Porinju Veliyath invest in?

Some of his famous investments are in stocks like Wockhardt, Orient Paper, Piramal Enterprises, Shreyas Shipping, Balaji Amines, Force Motors, Biocon, and Jubilant Life. He has generated huge returns out of these stocks both for himself and his PMS Equity intelligence.

When did Porinju Veliyath make his comeback?

Porinju Veliyath made a name for himself during the smallcap and midcap boom of 2016-2018.

What is the return rate of Porinju Veliyath broking house?

The return rate of Porinju Veliyath broking house is extremely impressive. It has attempted to beat around 10 plus years of Mutual Fund Returns. Porinju Veliyath PMS returns for 3 years is 12%, for 5 years is 12%, for 7 years is 15%, for 10 years is 18% and for 11 plus years is 24%.