How much is the Astronomer by Vermeer worth?

How much is the Astronomer by Vermeer worth?

A recently authenticated painting by Johannes Vermeer sold for almost $40 million at auction on Wednesday, a record for the 17th century Dutch painter and the fifth-highest price ever paid for an Old Master.

Why was the astronomer painted?

A showcase work for Hitler’s museum One of the works he most coveted was Vermeer’s Astronomer. Hitler wanted The Astronomer, together with The Art of Painting, to be the centerpieces of a museum he planned to build in his hometown, Linz.

How important is the astronomer painting?

The painting itself is an ode to the 17th century fascination with science and knowledge, which was quickly transforming the world. The Astronomer and its companion painting, The Geographer, are the only two paintings by Vermeer in which the main subjects are males, and both are men of science.

Who commissioned the geographer?

Also attached to the back of the painting is a sheet of paper carrying a detailed list of the collections through which it passed between 1713 and 1872. Around 1877, The Geographer was bought in Paris by the Russian businessman and art patron Pavel Pavlovich Demidov (1839–1885).

How does Vermeer became famous?

Vermeer began his career in the early 1650s by painting large-scale biblical and mythological scenes , but most of his later paintings-the ones for which he is most famous-depict scenes of daily life in interior settings . These works are remarkable for their purity of light and form, qualities that convey a serene, timeless sense of dignity.

Why is Johannes Vermeer famous?

Johannes Vermeer, sometimes known as Jan Vermeer, was born in Delft , Holland in 1632 and is most commonly associated with the Baroque movement of art. Yet, although the Baroque style is famous for its religious painting, Vermeer is best known for works that capture a brief moment of everyday life.

What style did Johannes Vermeer use?

The Painting Style. The most common subjects of Vermeer’s work were usually middle-class women, and they were exceptionally detailed portraits as well as candid scenes depicted with a high degree of realism.

What did Johannes Vermeer do?

Johannes Vermeer. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Milkmaid (c. 1658) Johannes, Jan or Johan Vermeer (October 1632 – December 1675) was a Dutch painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life.