How much does a Triumph Thruxton weigh?

How much does a Triumph Thruxton weigh?

Triumph Thruxton

Manufacturer Triumph
Dimensions L : 87.1 in (2,212 mm)
Seat height 31.1 inches (79 cm)
Weight 451 pounds (205 kg) (dry)
Fuel capacity 16 L (3.5 imp gal; 4.2 US gal)

How fast is the Triumph Thruxton R?

Key specs and dimensions

Model Triumph Thruxton R
BHP 96bhp @ 6,750rpm
Torque 112Nm @ 4,950rpm
Top speed 130mph
Weight 203kg dry

What are the specs of a Triumph Thruxton R?

Submit more pictures. More pictures… The incredible 1200cc ‘high-power’ performance and rider-focused technical capability of the Thruxton, the ‘R’ is equipped to the highest specification with a fully engaged rider position kicked-up back end, smaller diameter grips and a higher specification of equipment all round. 73.9 out of 100.

Is the Triumph Thruxton 1200 still a cafe racer?

On the downside, it is still as quiet as the Triumph Thruxton 1200 and has no low roar to accompany that big engine. The new incarnation of the Classic café racer by Triumph comes with some very modern features. The ABS switchable breaking system is very up to date and so are the Showa and Öhlins shocks.

Is the Triumph Thruxton 900 a sports bike?

The occasional Sunday morning trip is also a great plan. Although most riders feel that the Triumph Thruxton 900 is more about the looks, it responds quite well. For those riders expecting a throttle like a sports bike, they are in the wrong segment. The Triumph Thruxton is all about comfort and retro-vibe.

Is it safe to ride a Triumph Thruxton?

Triumph Thruxton is arguably the most iconic Café Racer of all times. But beware, riding this bike will get you in trouble. If you don’t like the celebrity-like attention, this bike is not for you.