How many World of Warcraft books are there?

How many World of Warcraft books are there?

13 Books
World of Warcraft Book Series (13 Books)

What order should I play wow expansions?

World Of WarCraft: Every Expansion In Chronological Order

  1. 8 The Burning Crusade (2007)
  2. 7 Wrath Of The Lich King (2008)
  3. 6 Cataclysm (2010)
  4. 5 Mists Of Pandaria (2012)
  5. 4 Warlords Of Draenor (2014)
  6. 3 Legion (2016)
  7. 2 Battle For Azeroth (2018)
  8. 1 Shadowlands (2020)

Are the World of Warcraft books canon?

Warcraft Encyclopedia, History of Warcraft, game manuals and original Warcraft RTS games are also considered canon but in some cases they are overwritten or modified by novels (i.e. history of eredar retconned in Rise of the Horde, War of the Ancients and its aftermath slightly altered by the time-travel in the novel.

What book comes after Rise of the Horde?

Unbroken comes after Rise of the Horde? Anyway, after Rise of the Horde comes The last Guardian.

What’s the Order of the books in Warcraft?

Warcraft books in chronological order. 1 Book 1:Of Blood and Honor. 2 Book 2: Day of the dragon. 3 Book 3: Lord of the Clans. 4 Book 4: The last guardian. 5 Book 5, 6, 7 (trilogy) – War of the ancient. 6 Book 8:Cycle of Hatred. 7 Book 9:Rise of the Horde. 8 Book 10:Tides of Darkness. 9 Book11:Beyond the Dark Portal. 10 Book 12:Night of the Dragon.

When was the First World of Warcraft book published?

Here’s the list of all of them in order and links to where you can buy them. The first novel was published in 2001 and it and some of the others are out of print and can only be purchases used or as part of compilations. This is a hefty reading list, but it’s full of thrills spanning demonic invasions, cataclysms, and endless wars.

Who is the author of World of Warcraft?

The book is written by Richard A. Knaak, who has also penned novels set in the worlds of Diablo, Dragonlance, and Conan. Learn about the Dragon Queen Alexstrasza in this novel following a conspiracy involving the mad dragon Deathwing and his efforts to manipulate both the Horde and Alliance.

Where can I find all World of Warcraft novels?

The book’s been out of print for a while so your best bet is to find it as part of more recent WarCraft archive. Read the first five World of Warcraft novels in this collection, which serves as a perfect introduction to the complex world of Azeroth and the many forces fighting to control it.