How long does it take a child to run 800m?

How long does it take a child to run 800m?

As an aerobic test, it may be suitable for children. See also the 1km run test, which has a variation over 800m for teenage girls….800-meter Run Test.

Rating Time (minutes/seconds)
below average 3’31” – 3’45”
average 3’16” – 3’30”
above average 3’01” – 3’15”
good 2’46” – 3′

What is the average 800m time for a 12 year old?

An average time should be around 1:50. For the 800, a 3:00 should make you the fastest girl in your grade, while a 2:45 should make you state level. An average time would be 5:00.

What is a good time for 800m Girl?

If you are a runner the time 4:00-3:45-3:30-3:15 for high school girls with an 800-meter to one mile warm down,and want to get professionally involved you need to strengthen your body.

What is the fastest 800m time for a 13 year old?

August 22 – David Rudisha of Kenya is the new 800 metres world record holder after running a time of 1min 41.09sec at the ISTAF 2010 meeting in Berlin’s Olympic stadium today.

How many world records are in the 800 meters?

The FSFI was absorbed by the International Association of Athletics Federations in 1936. As of June 21, 2009, the IAAF (and the FSFI before it) have ratified 29 world records in the event. “y” denotes time for 880 yards (804.68 m) ratified as a record for the 800 m. (+) – indicates en route time from longer race.

How often should a 13 year old run 800 meters?

I would bet the best 13 year old girls could do that and better. To run a fast 800 meters, run repeat 400 meters half of your 800 meter goal. Try and do about 6 to 8 400 meters about 3 times a week. Within a few weeks your 800 meters will improve. What’s a great crowdfunding investment opportunity?

What makes an 800 meter run a good race?

Focus on speed, don’t just go for long slow runs all the time. The 800 is a long drawn out sprint, its a fast race. So being able to control sprint pace is very important. Most 800 runners are good 400 runners. Unlike before when it was 800/1500 more commonly.

What’s the average 400 meter dash time for a 13 year old?

A nonathletic 13 yr old runs a 400: 1:20+. (it’s certain that this person lacks any athletic training and has very poor stamina, thus running slower than an average athlete running track.) I’m not a scientist or anything, this is just from personal experience.