How is fuel quantity measured in aircraft?

How is fuel quantity measured in aircraft?

Current fuel measurement systems use capacitance-based technology. The current capacitance-based technology used on most aircraft to measure fuel capacity is proven, safe, and reliable. This data is then relayed to the pilot in the cockpit, and to other aircraft systems.

What are the fuel indicators in aircraft?

There are various types of fuel quantity indicators include simple, direct reading indicators, mechanical indicators, electric indicators, digital and electronic. The basic principle of most quantity indicators is the use of a float in the fuel tank. As the fuel levels change, the float moves up or down.

Why are fuel crossfeed systems used in aircraft?

Crossfeed allows for fuel from one wing tank to be burned by the engine on the other wing. In some cases, the fuel is routed directly from the tank to the engine while in others, it is transfered from one wing tank to the opposite wing tank before feeding to the engine.

What are the aircraft fuel system components?

What are the aircraft fuel system components?

  • Gravity Feed System. The gravity feed system is the most straightforward fuel system.
  • Fuel pump system. Aircraft with low and mid-wing or high power use a fuel pump system.
  • Fuel tanks.
  • Fuel cells.
  • Fuel primers.
  • Fuel lines.
  • Fuel gauges.
  • Fuel valves.

What kind of fuel did aircraft use in World War 2?

In WW2 most combatant nations started with 80 to 100 octane Gasoline (petrol to Brits) UK and US high performance aircraft soon needed better fuel as boost pressure increased and engine temperature.Spitfires and Hurricanes by the Battle of Britain used 100+ octane…

How are fuel quantity indicators used in aircraft?

The use of tank unit capacitors, a reference capacitor, and a microchip bridge circuit in the fuel quantity indicators is complicated by the fact that temperature affects the dielectric constant of the fuel. A compensator unit (mounted low in the tank so it is always covered with fuel) is wired into the bridge circuit.

How is a fuel summation unit used in an aircraft?

A fuel summation unit is part of the capacitance-type fuel quantity indication system. It is used to add the tank quantities from all indicators.

What was the octane of aviation gasoline before WW2?

Aviation gasoline has TWO octane numbers, the lower number is its detonation resistance at lean burn cruise power conditions, and the higher number is its detonation resistance at full power full rich settings. So before WW2, 80–87 was a common octane rating.