How do you say hello in Kikongo?

How do you say hello in Kikongo?

– mbote ! : – mbote kua ngeye ! : hello to you ! – mbote yaku/yeno ! : hello to you ! – mbote zeno/zeto ! : hello everybody ! – yambi ! : welcome !

Is Kikongo a real language?

Kongo or Kikongo (Kongo: Kikongo) is one of the Bantu languages spoken by the Kongo people living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Angola and Gabon. It is a tonal language. It is also one of the sources of the Gullah language and the Palenquero creole in Colombia.

How do you say good morning in Kikongo?

‘Good morning. ‘Mbote Tata (to Mama). “Good Morning! “Mbote!

Where is kituba spoken?

the Republic of Congo
Kituba, short for Kikongo-Kituba, is a « contact-based » language variety of central Africa, spoken especially in the southern part of the Republic of Congo, in the southwestern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and in the northern part of Angola.

Where does the word Kikongo come from in Greek?

(Kuyantika 2:8, 15) Ntangu bo balulaka bangogo yai na Kigreki, bo balulaka ngogo “kilanga” nde pa·raʹdei·sos, kisika ngogo ya Kikongo “paladisu” mekatukaka. (Genesis 2:8, 15) When those words were translated into Greek, the word “garden” was rendered pa·raʹdei·sos, from which came the English word “paradise.”

Where is the Kikongo language spoken in the world?

It is spoken by several peoples in the Republic of Congo (a.k.a. Congo-Brazzaville), the Democratic Republic of Congo (a.k.a. Congo-Kinshasa, ex-Zaire) and Angola. It is an official language in Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville. The language has up to 10 million speakers. Kikongo-Kituba words consist of a prefix and a stem.

What’s the difference between low and high Kikongo?

Kikongo-Kituba has pitch accent system with one pitch distinction: low vs. high. In this word list the low pitch is unmarked and the high pitch is marked with acute accent on vowels. Note on pronunciation: nk= [ŋk], ng= [ŋg] and ng’= [ŋ].

What is the name of the Bakongo creole language?

Kikongo-Kituba is a creole language that is based on some Bakongo languages. It is known with various names, such as Kikongo ya leta, Munukutuba, Ikeleve and sometimes plainly as Kituba and even Kikongo.