How do you open an Xbox one disc without power?

How do you open an Xbox one disc without power?

Important Unplug the power cord and other connected cables first.

  1. Uncoil a large paper clip. A standard clip is too short.
  2. Insert the end of the paper clip into the eject hole:
  3. As you push in the clip, the disc will pop out, but only a little.

How do I force a disc tray to open?

Straighten the paper clip and insert it into the manual release hole until resistance is felt. Press in gently on the paper clip until the tray is released. Releasing the lock will allow the tray to open a small distance. Remove the paper clip and gently pull out the drawer until the disc is accessible.

Why does my Xbox 360 say open tray?

If your like me, you obviously have and xbox 360 that has or has had the “open tray error”. This error is when you have a disc in your xbox 360 and it doesn’t “see” it and it displays the message “open tray” as if there isn’t a disc in your xbox.

How do you get a disc tray out of an Xbox 360?

Find the two holes below the left side of the disc drive, and insert the paper clip into the hole on the left. Push the paper clip until you feel some resistance (about 1 inch or 2.5 cm into the hole). If you’re successful, the disc tray will pop out slightly. Pull the tray out the rest of the way with your fingers and skip to step 9.

How can I get my Xbox 360 disc to open?

So what you’ll want to do is first, open the tray and put a disc in. Then close the tray and start gently knocking on the xbox right above where the disc is inside the xbox. Now keep repeating this until it works. It could take a while, but it could not. You might want to try this to for like 5 minutes.

What to do if your X Box 360 won’t play?

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