How do you install a secondary burn on a wood stove?

How do you install a secondary burn on a wood stove?

Secondary burn works by burning off the initial smoke produced from the fire that otherwise would have gone up the chimney. You will often see a series of holes towards the top rear of the stove above the fire box that forces fresh oxygen over the chamber, reigniting this smoke.

What does secondary burn look like?

After 5-10 minutes you should see blue and red flames flickering and ‘dancing’ horizontally at the top of the fire or the top of the glass. This is what you are looking for. It’s called secondary combustion. Yellow ‘campfire like’ flames aren’t what we want.

Can a wood stove heat two stories?

Wood stoves can be installed in homes of any size and can easily heat a two-story home if used properly as well.

How can I make my old wood stove more efficient?

How to improve your wood stove’s efficiency

  1. Get the chimney right. The chimney is a vital part of the overall wood burning stove.
  2. Keep the chimney clean.
  3. Think about positioning.
  4. Use dry wood.
  5. Use the ‘top down’ lighting method.
  6. Wait, don’t just throw on logs.
  7. Make sure it’s cold outside, or warmer inside.

What is secondary burn or combustion on a wood stove?

My parents have wood burning stoves in their living room fireplaces, and both wood stoves have secondary burn functionalities built into them.

How does a wood stove burn waste gases?

Burning wood releases waste gases such as carbon dioxide, but the fire alone can’t burn all of these gases as it’s using much of its energy to burn off the excess moisture in the wood. Between 50 & 60 percent of the heat generated by burning wood is through secondary burn of the waste gases.

What can I do to maximize heat output on my wood stove?

Other than burning good wood and not choking down a slow smoldering fire, what can be done to maximize my heat output and minimize smoke/creosote/yucky stuff ?? I wondered if I could supply a shot of preheated fresh air at the bottom of that baffle/top of the flames area and get a secondary burn effect?

Can you use preheating air on a wood stove?

Preheating combustion air is a great idea for first and second generation stoves’ combustion efficiency. Just be aware that any modification to your “approved” stove could be cause for non-payment of an insurance claim. Several of my customers had their fire insurance canceled until they fixed the problem…usually with a new stove.