How do you become a venomous snake handler?

How do you become a venomous snake handler?

Students must successfully pass a written and practical test to achieve certification. Completion of the course does not substitute a venomous permit or other permit that may be required to keep venomous or handle reptiles within your state of residency.

How do you handle venomous snakes?

Use a snake hook to safely control large and medium-sized snakes from arm’s length, and maintain a firm grip on the snake’s head at all times when holding one by hand. If you encounter a venomous snake in the wild, remain calm and slowly move out of its way to allow it to pass.

Do snakes hibernate in Northern Territory?

Snakes are a natural occurrence in the Territory and often slither into homes and back yards during the warmer months (September to April). Although they can be found all year round as they don’t hibernate like snakes in the southern states. What should I do if I see a snake?

How long is a venomous snake handling course?

This course consists of 2-days of intense training with expert instructors. The first day of the Level 1 Course involves 8 hours of classroom work, where students learn about venom toxinology, native venomous snakes in their region, snake bite management, captive venomous reptiles, and disease monitoring and management.

Can you work with a venomous snake at the Conservancy?

Students will then be given the opportunity to get one on one training with a venomous snake. This course is applicable for novices and individuals with limited to no experience with snakes, venomous and nonvenomous alike. The Rattlesnake Conservancy sets the standard for safety, husbandry, and protocol for working with venomous reptiles.

What do you need to know about snake training?

Hands “off” training courses that set the standard for safely working with venomous reptiles. Our venomous training courses are designed to teach students how to safely work with venomous reptiles, understand snakebite management and venom toxinology, and be an asset to their communities!

Who are the instructors at the Rattlesnake training course?

This course consists of 1 full day of training with expert instructors Derek Dykstra and Tiffany Bright. The day consists of a lecture and presentation, where students learn about native venomous snakes and harmless snakes in their region, proper handling equipment, and ethical relocation practices.