How do I find data type in Excel VBA?

How do I find data type in Excel VBA?

Excel VBA VarType Function. VBA VARTYPE means “Variable Type”. This function helps us to identify the data type assigned to the specific variable or in simple word we can say it finds what kind of value is stored or assigned to the variable.

How do you check the type of a variable in Excel?

Go to the Formulas tab and select More Functions > Information > TYPE. Select a cell in the worksheet to enter the cell reference. Select OK to complete the function.

How do you define a datatype in VBA?

In this article Any data type that you define by using the Type statement. Type MyType MyName As String ‘ String variable stores a name. MyBirthDate As Date ‘ Date variable stores a birthdate. MySex As Integer ‘ Integer variable stores sex (0 for End Type ‘ female, 1 for male).

What are the variable types in VBA?

Variable Data Types

  • Integer: Used to store number values that won’t take on decimal form.
  • Single: Used to store number values that may take on decimal form.
  • Double: A longer form of the single variable.
  • Date: Stores date values.
  • String: Stores text.
  • Boolean: Used to store binary results (True/False, 1/0)

What is a variable in Excel VBA?

In Excel VBA, variables are areas allocated by the computer memory to hold data. Each variable must be given a name.

What is data type in VBA?

A variable of type Boolean is the simplest possible data type available in VBA. It can only be set to 0 or -1. These are often thought of as states and correspond to Access’s Yes/No fields. In VBA you can assign a Boolean variable to True (-1) or False (0) or the numbers indicated in the brackets.

What is a type in VBA?

A Type in VBA is a custom data type that can be defined. It can only contain variables, not functions nor procedures. Types consist of multiple associated variables (like Classes), while an Enum is simply a numeric value that represents one of it’s possible items.

What is double VBA?

VBA Double is a kind of data type we assign to declare variables, which is an improved or longer version of the “Single” data type variable and is usually used to store longer decimal places. VBA Integer data type always converts decimal values to the nearest integer value. The single data type can show up to two digits of decimal places.