How do I add music to my Tumblr blog?

How do I add music to my Tumblr blog?

Many songs can be added to your Tumblr by searching for the song name under the “Search” tab on audio posts. Songs from different music streaming services will appear in a drop-down menu below where you type the name of the song. Click the one you want to share and it will appear as a streaming file in the post box.

How do I add music to my Tumblr theme 2020?


  1. Click on new playlist.
  2. So this is where you make your player all pretty.
  3. Okay once you got all the decor done, press next.
  4. So as shown and told at top, you have to have the youtube, soundloud, or mp3 links.
  5. Once you got all your songs done, click done.

How do I add music to my blogspot?

Click the “HTML/JavaScript” link and paste the audio file link in the Content box. You can also enter an optional heading in the Title field. Click the “Save” button to publish your work, and then click the “View Blog” button to see the audio clip on your page.

How do you add a music player on Tumblr?

Step5: After click “Done”, the page will present a Tumblr music player code. Copy all the Tumblr music player code. Step6: Go to your Tumblr blog, click “Settings” icon on the upper-right side of the page, and then click “Edit theme” > “Custom Theme” > “Edit HTML” on the upper-left side of the page.

How can I Make my HTML theme on Tumblr?

Get Logged in and access this page – Account Settings. Now Scroll down and Click on your blog name under the Apps menu. Now Click on Customize button from middle of the screen. Next click on Edit HTML button from the upper area. Now paste above code with your song URL under tag. Save the theme.

How to upload an MP3 file to Tumblr?

Method 3: Upload Audio to Tumblr 1 Click on the headset icon on the dashboard. 2 Click on another headset icon on the right side of the box. 3 Select your MP3, click open to start to add music to Tumblr. 4 After the upload is complete, Tumblr will automatically embed a default player. 5 Add description and tag, click the Post button

How to customize SCM music player for Tumblr?

Visit SCM Music Player and go through the tab to customize the SCM Player for Tumblr. 1. Choose skin: Many default skins for Tumblr music player you could choose for different themes. 2. Edit playlist: Insert Title and URL for each song respectively.