How did Loki survive dark world?

How did Loki survive dark world?

Loki episode 2 reveals how the trickster god survived his apparent death in Thor: The Dark World. At the end of Thor, he apparently committed suicide – but Loki survived death by plunging into one of the many portals he knew could be found in Yggdrasil.

Did Loki really die in the dark world?

Loki didn’t die in Thor: The Dark World Like his mother Frigga, Loki has a great deal of magic at his disposal, and one of the things he’s good at is creating an illusion of himself that can be sent to other locations. At some point during the battle, Loki swaps places with his double, who’s the one who died.

Why did Loki fake his death in Thor: The Dark World?

Loki Faked His Death In Thor: The Dark World In an attempt to distract him, Loki appears to switch to Malekith’s side, but it’s actually a distraction to help Thor destroy the Aether. Malekith’s minion, Kurse, then attacks Thor. Loki jumps into action and sacrifices himself to protect his brother.

Is Loki a good guy in Thor: The Dark World?

Directions. Loki returns to Asgard in chains at the beginning of 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. In this second Thor installment, Loki proves not only that he’s still a villain without the Mind Stone influencing him, but that he can be an evil jerk accomplishing evil things even from the comfort of his prison cell.

What happens to Loki in Thor The Dark World?

In Thor: The Dark World, Thor, Loki and Jane are in the dark elves world. Thor is in a fight and Loki saves him by impaling the foe with a blade. The enemy then grabs Loki and stabs him with the blade that’s sticking out of his chest. We see Loki die (or fake his death).

Where did Loki end up in the Marvel Universe?

Loki found himself stranded at Sakaar along with Thor where Loki allied himself with the Grandmaster while Thor was forced to battle against Hulk.

What are some quotes from Thor The Dark World?

Loki: If it were easy, everyone would do it. Thor: We are just like the humans. We are born, we live, we die. Loki: Give or take 5,000 years. Jane Foster: That’s for New York. Loki: I like her. Loki: (Being an illusion and looking like Captain America) Let’s have a delightful chat about patriotism, and justice, and freedom! God bless America!

Why did Frigga give Loki the throne in Marvel?

Frigga gave Loki the throne when Odin had fallen into the Odinsleep; however, when the Warriors Three and Sif attempted to return Thor home, Loki was forced to try to stop them. Regardless, Thor returned from his exile on Earth and ended Loki’s reign.