How can I speed up my golf cart?

How can I speed up my golf cart?

6 Ways You Can Make a Golf Cart Faster

  1. Add More Torque to Your Golf Cart.
  2. Upgrade Your Golf Cart’s Motor.
  3. Improve the High-Speed Controller of the Cart.
  4. Add Better Golf Cart Tires.
  5. Use a Higher Powered Golf Cart Battery.
  6. Watch the Weight in Your Golf Cart.

How fast is the fastest golf cart go?

miles per hour
The company tested out the vehicle — named “Bandit” — on Friday at Darlington Dragway in Hartsville, S.C. and set the Guinness world record for fastest golf cart at 118.76(!) miles per hour.

How fast can a 48 volt golf cart go?

Standard 36V and 48V golf carts are capable of the same top-end speed (12MPH). You can, however, make your golf cart go faster by doing a couple of things: Larger Tires – You can purchase larger tires. The larger the diameter of the wheels, the faster your golf cart will go.

What is the most reliable golf cart?

Here are the top best 5 golf cart brands to choose from.

  • Club Car. If you’re looking for a classic ride, look no further than the Club Car.
  • E-Z-Go. If safety is your first priority, then the E-Z-Go brand is perfect for you.
  • Yamaha. Chances are, you’re very familiar with the Yamaha brand.
  • Polaris.
  • Garia.

How fast can and should golf carts go?

How Fast Can and Should Golf Carts Go? If your golf cart is used primarily for golfing, by your kids or your older parents, you may be a-okay with the standard electric golf cart speed of 12-14 mph . Even golf course golf carts go no faster than 15 miles per hour.

What is the fastest electric golf cart?

The folks with Shock Therapy Racing boast a mighty fine custom-built golf cart. According to KFVS , it’s the world’s fastest electric golf cart and it broke its own record on Sunday at Dyno Dom’s Raceway during the 4th Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention in Sikeston , Mo.

How can I make my golf cart go faster?

Fortunately there are several things you can do to make your golf cart go faster. Just make sure you operate it safely. Adjust the governor. To do this, remove the plastic covering behind the seat, find the T-shaped governor, and tie off the silver, thick section of metal to the metal bar behind it.

How fast does the average golf cart go?

The standard speed of a golf cart today is 12 to 14 miles per hour but many options are available to increase both the speed and power should you desire.