How can I get a low down payment on a car?

How can I get a low down payment on a car?

Consider auto dealerships, local credit unions, banks, or alternative loan providers. Research current auto loan rates online, and look for specialized online lenders that offer low-rate auto loans without down payment requirements.

Is $500 enough for a down payment on a car?

Realistically, if you have decent credit, it’s not unheard of to make a $500 down payment. If you’re dealing with bad credit, however, you should expect to put down more. At the same time, only a lender can truly tell you how big or small of a down payment you’ll need.

What is the lowest down payment for a car?

When it comes to a down payment on a new car, you should try to cover at least 20% of the purchase price. For a used car, a 10% down payment might do.

How much does 1000 down lower car payment?

Putting more down reduces the amount you’ll need to finance and helps you to pay the loan off sooner. As a general rule, every $1,000 in the down payment reduces your monthly payment by $15 to $18. You can use our auto loan calculator to see how various down payment amounts will affect your monthly payments.

Where to buy a car with 500 dollars down in Indianapolis?

Buy a car with 500 dollars down in Indianapolis and get an auto loan with $500 down at a single convenient Indianapolis Indiana location. Our Indianapolis area used car dealers offer you the best chance to finance a used car in Indianapolis with a low down payment and a monthly payment that fits within your budget.

How much does it cost to sell a car in Indianapolis?

Monthly Estimate based on a 4.4% rate for 60 months, $3,900 vehicle price, $0 down payment, $0 trade-in, $0 sales tax. Two salespeople there didn’t follow up on 2 different vehicles.

How much to put down on used car payments?

Before you find your dream car make sure you are getting your dream rates. Get your credit scores now and verify there are no errors or discrepancies that could affect your financing. Find used cars under $100 per month with little or no money down at dealerships right in your area.

Where to buy a pre-owned car in Indianapolis?

The Salemen at the Southeastern Location were amazing, friendly, willing to work with me. I would reccomend them to my family members “My family loves buying here!” I was happy with my car very low down payment so was very easy to get my new car.