How can I format my Transcend pen drive?

How can I format my Transcend pen drive?

How to Format Transcend USB Flash Drive

  1. Select the USB drive to format. Connect the USB drive or pen drive to your computer.
  2. Set the drive letter and file system.
  3. Check the warning box.
  4. Apply the changes.

Why can’t I format my pen drive?

These are some of the things you can do if you can’t format the USB Drive on your Windows 10 computer: Make sure the is USB Drive is not Write-Protected. Scan your Computer & USB for Virus. Run CHKDSK scan on the USB.

How can I remove write protection from my Transcend pen drive?

Ways to remove write protection

  1. Step 2: Press Windows key+R on your keyboard.
  2. Step 3: Type list disk → Enter.
  3. Step 4: You need to identify which one is USB drive then inputselect disk # (# refers to the number of disk) → Enter.
  4. Step 5: attributes disk clear readonly → Enter.
  5. Step 1: Again, press Windows key+R.

How can I force a pendrive to format?

Here, you have to enter some CMD commands, and Windows will forcefully format your corrupted flash drive or SD card that’s not reading:

  1. Connect the corrupted pen drive or SD card to your computer.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Start button and Right-click.
  3. Click Command Prompt (Admin).
  4. Type diskpart and press Enter.

How to fix windows unable to format pen drive?

Step 1. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant, right-click on the USB drive partition, and click “Format Partition”. Step 2. Choose the file system you need, and click “OK”. Step 3. At last, click “Apply” to view the detail of the formatting process, and click “Proceed” to commit the operation.

How to format transcend write protected pen drive?

Check whether you’ve formatted Transcend write protected pen drive successfully. If not, you may employ another method below. Step 1: Again, press Windows key+R. Type regedit this time, Enter. Step 2: Navigate to this path from the panel on the left: On the right, double click WriteProtect.

Why is my transcend USB pen drive not working?

Step 1: Connect USB to PC, open File Explorer and right-click on the USB. Step 2: Click on “Properties”, go to the Tools tab. Step 3: Click on the Check button under the Error checking section. It will scan the drive and repair it if errors were found.

How do I format a transcend flash drive?

How to format Transcend USB flash drive Step 1: Select the USB drive to format. Step 2: Set the drive letter and file system. Step 3: Check the warning box. Step 4: Apply the changes.