How can I download property tax receipt in Hyderabad?

How can I download property tax receipt in Hyderabad?

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  1. Hi there,
  2. The property tax payment has moved online in many states of India.
  3. You know it is very easy to download GHMC property tax receipts.
  4. Step 1: Click on the link given below.
  5. Step 2: Enter your PTI no.
  6. Step 3: Click on Display Receipt.
  7. Step 4: Download the receipt on your device for future reference.

How can I check my property tax in Hyderabad?

Step 1: Click “Search Your Property Tax” on the left menu. Step 2: Choose your GHMC Circle. Step 3: Enter your door number. Step 4: Click “Search Property Tax”.

How to pay property tax online in Hyderabad?

Go to ‘Online Payments’ and select the ‘Property Tax’ option. Step 2: Enter your PTIN and click on ‘Know Property Tax Dues’. Step 3: On the page that now appears, verify the details, including arrears, interest on arrears, adjustments, property tax amount, etc.

How to pay your property tax in GHMC?

GHMC Property Tax ShowPT_Main GHMC Home Property Tax Payment Search Your Property Tax Print Receipts Property Tax Payment Enter your PTIN/ASMT (Property Tax Identification Number) to check the Dues. PTI NO * Know Property Tax Dues You don’t need to have bank account to pay the property tax

How to self assessment of property in Hyderabad?

Go to, and click on ‘Online Services’ to land on ‘Self Assessment of Property’. Now, provide all personal and property details, including locality, building permission number, occupancy certificate number, nature of the building, usage, plinth area, etc.

How do I get PTIN for new house in Hyderabad?

Owners of new properties have to get a PTIN generated, by giving an application to the city deputy commissioner along with copies of their sale deed and occupancy certificate. After physically verifying the property and all the legal documents, a PTIN and house number is issued to the owner by the authority.