Does the Apple charging case ruin your battery?

Does the Apple charging case ruin your battery?

No as the case will keep the iPhone battery top up until the case is dead, but the longer you use your iPhone the fast the case’s battery will discharge of which will make the iPhone last longer through the day.

Are iPhone charging cases good?

The good Apple’s Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR provides solid protection, holds about a full day’s charge on its own, has pass-throughs for Lightning and all buttons and speakers or mikes, can charge on its own via Qi charging and integrates with iOS to show battery status.

How much is an Apple charging case?

The Apple Smart Battery Case price is $129 for recent models and $99 for the iPhone 7.

Do charging cases ruin your phone?

However, keeping the case on while your phone is charging might actually be doing harm to your battery. Heat is bad for batteries, and by leaving your phone case on while it charges you are trapping the heat that is being generated.

Can You charge the phone with this case on a wireless charger?

The short answer is simple: Yes . For the most part, wireless charging works fine with a case. Direct contact isn’t necessary to initiate charging, so having a few millimeters between your phone and the charger isn’t going to hurt anything.

Does the iPhone come with a charger?

iPhones will come with a new Lightning power cable that connects to any USB-C power adapter. That could mean buyers of new iPhones may need to get a new charger, too. (Those run about $20-$40.) However, many already use wireless smartphone chargers and USB-C adapters for other devices including Android smartphones and headphones.

How do you charge an iPhone charger?

Using an Electrical Outlet Plug the power adapter into a wall socket. Attach the large end of the cable to the power adapter. Determine the type of charger cable you have. Insert the other end of the cable into the bottom of the iPhone/iPod. Wait for your device to begin charging.

How does the iPhone charger case work?

The case plugs into the input on the bottom of the iPhone, where you would normally plug the charger into the device. Then when you lay the phone in the case down on the mat, it creates an electrical current that travels through the case and down into the input on the bottom of the iPhone.