Does Bushnell Neo Xs have Bluetooth?

Does Bushnell Neo Xs have Bluetooth?

It still doesn’t keep score or pair to a mobile device through Bluetooth, but what it does do it almost always does extremely well (the exception is the initial set-up for syncing courses, described in “Setup/Syncing” below).

Is the Bushnell Neo XS waterproof?

The Neo XS watch is durable and waterproof. To help ensure reliable operation, the following care and maintenance guidelines are recommended : • Avoid exposing the watch to extreme environmental conditions for a prolonged period of time. You may clean the watch occasionally with a soft, damp cloth.

How long does a Bushnell NEO last?

The Neo Ghost charges using the supplied micro USB cable and claims to last 16 hours of GPS time or three rounds of golf on a single charge.

How many golf courses does the Bushnell Neo X GPS track?

It has 30,000 golf courses preloaded with distances to the front, middle and back of every green, plus easy access to hazard and layup distances. It’s got the usual Auto Course Recogition, Auto Hole Advance, Shot Measuring and Round Odometer.

Is the Bushnell Neo X a good watch?

(Try the Bushnell Neo XS .) If you prefer a round face, this isn’t the watch for you. (Try any of those three watches in the first two bullet points!) Otherwise, there’s no good reason not to buy the Bushnell Neo-X.

How to do an individual course sync and to your Bushnell GPS?

How to do an “Individual Course Sync”and “Full Sync”to your Bushnell Golf GPS product via the website. Single Course Sync: 1.) Visit , log in to your existing account, or click “Register Now” if this is your first time here. a.

How to update the Bushnell golf mobile app?

Steps to update your Bluetooth enabled Bushnell Golf product via the Bushnell Golf App (Bushnell Bluetooth enabled products include Hybrid, iON2, Excel and Phantom) 1. Open the Bushnell Golf Mobile App on your smartphone. If previously registered, enter the email and password of your Account. 2.