Do you have to pay for Laurel Springs?

Do you have to pay for Laurel Springs?

Laurel Springs offers a payment plan of 40% down and monthly payments or you may pay in full. A monthly fee applies if a payment plan is chosen. We are dedicated to providing students with a premier college preparatory education.

Does Laurel Springs have financial aid?

Loans, grants, and work-study programs are terrific forms of financial aid, but there are also millions of scholarship application opportunities that are available to you. Merit-based aid is highly sought after because it doesn’t have to be paid back and it also recognizes what you’ve already accomplished.

Is Laurel Springs homeschooled?

How to Use Laurel Springs in Your Homeschool. At Laurel Springs, they understand the unique needs and abilities of gifted children. As a distance learning program, they are able to create an individualized learning plan that is built upon each student’s strengths and needs.

Is Laurel Springs UC approved?

UC Approval for Online Courses Laurel Springs is a UC Approved Online Course Provider.

How much does it cost for private school in Laurel Springs?

Laurel Springs’ K-12 online private school tuition includes full enrollment, all course materials and our one-on-one teacher services. Full-time families are eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount for siblings or active military enrollments. Shipping fees and applicable taxes may apply.

Is there an online high school in Laurel Springs?

The high school years are an important time in a student’s life, both academically and emotionally. Laurel Springs’ Upper School college prep program offers exceptional online high school courses and curriculum options designed to challenge students to discover, explore, and grow.

What are Advanced Placement courses at Laurel Springs?

Advanced placement courses allow students to succeed in college-level courses that earn them college placement or credit while they’re still attending our online high school. Browse Course Offerings What Does Upper School Cost? Laurel Springs offers more than 30 online clubs for students to explore and discover their passions.

Is the Academy at Laurel Springs a college prep school?

Unlimited Opportunities. Graduating global scholars into top universities, The Academy at Laurel Springs is a selective college prep program for distinguished students in grades 6-12, designed to prepare them to succeed in today’s dynamic global landscape.