Can you remove the magnet from a cat flap?

Can you remove the magnet from a cat flap?

The magnet removal can be done before or after installing the pet door! You’ll need to remove the threshold from the bottom of the frame, and then use an item such as a pencil to align the magnet(s) with the magnet(s) in the bottom of the flap. If the threshold is difficult to remove, try using pliers!

How does the magnetic cat flap work?

Magnetic cat flaps lock by using a simple magnetic mechanism. The magnetic lock is positioned at the bottom of the cat flap. This is naturally an area that will come in close contact to your cat’s collar. As the magnetic key on the collar passes nearby the magnetic lock, it will open.

Do magnetic cat flaps work?

Cat owners will know how hard it is to keep unwanted guests out while still allowing their cats the freedom to come and go as they please. Magnetic cat flaps work, but they damage a cat’s collar so much that they rarely last more than a couple of days!

What is a magnetic cat flap?

The magnetic cat flaps are perfect for cats that aren’t microchipped. The flap is unlocked by the special magnetic key attached to your cat’s collar so you can easily keep any unwanted visitors away.

Are cat flaps a good idea?

Why are cat flaps important for cats? Access to a garden and the outdoors through a cat flap can provide a huge amount of positive stimulation for your cat, as well as helping them keep physically fit and healthy.

How long do cat flaps last?

They are generally powered by batteries and have a long life span (mostly over 12 months if a few cats use it). Some microchip cat flaps have an indicator light that will flash when the battery is running low to alert you.

What does the StayWell deluxe magnetic cat flap do?

WEATHER PROOFING – The Staywell Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap features a Magnetic Door and internal Draught Excluder that act as insulation, resisting strong winds and Keeping heat in your home.

Can a cat get in with a magnetic collar?

For more than 25 years, PetSafe has been working closely with pet behaviourists and veterinary professionals in order to provide innovative solutions and more great moments with your pets. Only pets wearing the magnetic collar key can use the door. Now your cat can let herself in and other pets or wild animals can’t get in.

Why do you need a magnetic cat flap?

Keeping curious Cats and strays out of your home, the Magnetic Cat Flap gives selective entry to your feline, providing them the freedom to explore. The Magnetic Closing Door keeps the opening sealed through high winds and preserves warmth.