Are there any documentaries on the subject of addiction?

Are there any documentaries on the subject of addiction?

Following is the lowdown on some of the best addiction documentaries out there: what they’re covering, when they were made, and where you can find them at! Before we dive in, we’re going to preface this. Addiction is an ugly, devastating disease. Not all of these documentaries end happily, but they’re true to life.

Is there a documentary about prescription drug abuse?

Take Your Pills: This 2018 Netflix documentary outlines the truth of prescription stimulant abuse in America. The film is shot over two years and takes an encouraging look at how treatment programs can work together and make changes early enough in the lives of young people to make a difference.

Which is the best documentary about meth addiction?

Montana Meth: Montana Meth follows the lives of several meth addicts living in small towns in Montana. Russel Brand: From Addiction To Recovery: In this documentary, Russel Brand uses the death of his friend Amy Winehouse as inspiration to make a movie about addiction.

Are there any documentaries about the drug trade?

If you are looking for the latter, here are eight documentaries about the drug trade, the effects of drugs, and stories of recovery. There are many great documentaries to educate yourself and your teen on matters of substance abuse. Here are eight worth checking out. 1. Drugs Inc.

What was the history of the town of Doohoma?

The town-land received nation-wide renown, both in the seventies and more recently, with the screening of the RTE documentary ‘Doohoma’. This dealt with the theme of emigration to England and the effect on local families.

Which is the best documentary on substance abuse?

The top documentaries on substance abuse and addiction include: Dr. Feelgood: Dr. Feelgood tells the story of Dr. William Hurwitz, a doctor in Northern Virginia who served almost five years in prison for overprescribing pain medications.