Are Kalphite a good Slayer task?

Are Kalphite a good Slayer task?

If you are serious about slayer, Kalphites are one of the best Cannon tasks there is.

Where is the Kalphite Slayer task?

Kalphites are mainly found in the Kalphite Lair in the north-west of the Kharidian Desert. A Slayer task-exclusive area can be found in the Kalphite Cave just east of Shantay Pass….Monster Variants.

Monster Kalphite Soldier
Combat level 85
Slayer XP 90
Locations Kalphite Lair Kalphite Cave

Where are Kalphites RuneScape?

Kalphites (a.k.a. the Kalphiscarabeinae) are a species in RuneScape that resemble a mix of scarab beetles and cockroaches. The normal hive is located west of the Shantay Pass and is located north of the Bedabin Camp (a Fairy ring BIQ can be found near the entrance), and their nursery is north of the main hive.

Can you kill Kalphite Queen on Kalphite task?

Because of the special effect of Verac the Defiled’s equipment, it is possible to kill the Kalphite Queen using only that set especially if duo’ing. It can hit through prayer, which comes in handy for the second form. This method can usually get around one or two (if lucky) kills per trip.

Can you solo the Kalphite queen?

Solo method The Kalphite Queen can be soloed with 70+ stats and gear. Players with near-maxed stats will require little to no food.

Where is the safe spot in Kalphite?


  • Kalphite Lair (safe spot at the northeast of the room)
  • Kalphite Cave (Slayer assignment only)

What does Kalphite Queen drop?

The Kalphite Queen, along with dust devils and smoke devils, is notable for dropping the Dragon chainbody. The Kalphite Queen can inflict large amounts of damage with her Ranged and Magic attacks as they always result in a successful hit.

How do you beat the Kalphite queen?

The dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword is important for lowering Kalphite Queen’s Defence, making both forms much faster to kill. If you hit two successful specs, the toxic blowpipe with rune or dragon darts is actually better DPS than the abyssal bludgeon if lacking a mythical or infernal cape (with some setups).

Can you safe spot Kalphite queen?

Kalphite Queen is one of the easier bosses on the server. But did you know you can safespot half of the fight? You don’t need this type of gear at all. You can kill it in welfare gear too.

What do you need to kill corrupted kalphite in RuneScape?

A Slayer level of 100 is required to harm this creature. A feather of Ma’at is required to complete each kill. A cat named Katarina has a chance to spawn upon each successful kill. Killing corrupted kalphites counts towards a Slayer assignment for regular kalphites.

Where to find Slayer task in kalphites OSRS?

A Slayer task-exclusive area can be found in the Kalphite Cave just east of Shantay Pass. Kalphites comes in four varities: workers, soldiers and guardians, as well as the boss monster the Kalphite Queen.

Where is the kalphite lair in RuneScape?

Not to be confused with Kalphite Lair. The Kalphite Cave is a dungeon located east of the Shantay Pass, housing kalphites that can only be killed while on a Slayer task. The centre of the cave contains Kalphite Larvae .

How are kalphites similar to bees in RuneScape?

The Kalphites exist in a caste-based society, very much like bees, as stated by the spirit kalphite . All kalphites start off as larvae. The Kalphite larvae are newly hatched Kalphites, but will develop fairly quickly. Unlike the other kalphites, larvae are completely harmless to humans as their chitin is not developed enough.