Are dragonflies robots?

Are dragonflies robots?

Called the BionicOpter, the robotic insect can fly in any direction — even backwards — turn and accelerate quickly, hover, and glide without beating its wings. It’s said to be the first aircraft that flies like a helicopter, plane, and glider.

What is dragonfly used for?

The dragonfly does an amazing job of helping humans by controlling populations of pest insects, especially those that bug us most, such as mosquitoes and biting flies. A single dragonfly can reportedly eat anywhere from 30 to hundreds of mosquitoes per day.

Where are dragonfly drones made?

Georgia Institute of Technology
The Dragonfly UAV built off the research done at Georgia Institute of Technology’s Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory.

Are dragonflies spies?

Training dragonflies and hijacking their optic nerves turns them into quiet and efficient spies.

What kind of satellite is the Dragonfly project?

In this animation, the robotic Dragonfly system technology unpacks, assembles and deploys large antenna reflectors on a conventional satellite in geostationary Earth orbit.

What kind of power source does a dragonfly use?

The radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) power source has been proven in multiple spacecraft, and the extensive use of quad drones on Earth provides a well-understood flight system that is being complemented with algorithms to enable independent actions in real-time.

What was the focus of the Dragonfly demonstration?

During the August ground demonstration, Dragonfly’s initial focus was the installation and reconfiguration of large antenna reflectors on a simulated geostationary satellite. The antennas are designed to focus the satellite signal to receivers on the ground.

Is the Dragonfly a quadcopter or octocopter?

The multi-mission radioisotope thermoelectric generator of Mars Science Laboratory, sent to the surface of Mars to power that robotic rover. Dragonfly will be a rotorcraft lander, much like a large quadcopter with double rotors, an octocopter. Redundant rotor configuration will enable the mission to tolerate the loss of at least one rotor or motor.