Are automatic car washes safe for convertibles?

Are automatic car washes safe for convertibles?

Because of the high pressure power of the sprays and the delicate nature of the canvas cover that protects your convertible’s interior, it’s not recommended to take them through the automatic car wash. Make it Secure: Only convertibles in good condition should be taken to a car wash.

Can I put my Mini convertible through a carwash?

They do not recommend automatic car wash services for any car. Particularly cars with sunroofs and convertibles – as the seals are sensitive.

Can you take a VW convertible through a car wash?

I had a 2004 vw beetle convertible and I went through the car wash on a regular basis (twice a month) for 4+ years and it was totally fine. I know it isn’t recommended, but I did and it never left marks or scratches. It probably depends on the car wash and how the auto sprays work.

Can I take my Audi convertible through a carwash?

You NEVER go thru ANY (touchless or not) auto wash in a convertible. You are gonna destroy that top and the weatherstrip. You can use a quarter wash, but dont use high pressure on the top. You can use a quarter wash, but dont use high pressure on the top.

Is the C300 cabriolet good for a car wash?

Automatic car washes are actually fine for the C300 cabriolet, with a few caveats: First and foremost, higher-pressure washes may cause leaks in the top, so it’s recommended to find a car wash with adjustable pressure, pre-cleaning, to avoid that problem.

How often should I wash my soft top cabriolet?

Anyhow, during summertime, car cleaning experts recommend to wash your cabriolet at least once a month because the wear and tear is especially hard on the soft top this time of the year. Before washing the entire car, start with the ragtop.

Can a Mercedes Benz cabriolet go through a touchless car wash?

Most importantly, it says that the cabriolet should never go through a touchless car wash. Will it ruin the top? According to the manual, touchless car washes “use special cleaning agents … [which] can damage the paintwork or plastic parts.” Yeesh. That has nothing to do with the top, but that’s still not good.

Is it safe to drive your convertible through an automated car wash?

Choose a Gentle Car Wash (or Wash Them by Hand) Ford’s Mustang convertible is one of the best-selling droptops on the market, and spokesperson Monique Brentley told us that while the company recommends hand-washing the Mustang convertible, it is safe to take it through an automated car wash. There are a few caveats for the vehicle, however.