Will Sky replace a faulty box?

Will Sky replace a faulty box?

Re: Sky box broken If the hard disk has failed, Sky will replace the box, rather than repair it. Or you could obtain your own replacement box, possibly more cheaply, from eBay etc. Just be sure to choose only a DRX890 or DRX895 model.

What happens if my Sky box breaks down?

According to Sky’s terms and conditions, you’re only covered for repairs to your set-top box for the first 12 months. That means that if your box stops working during this time, Sky will send out an engineer to fix it or if there’s something wrong that can’t be fixed, it should replace it.

Will my old Sky card work HD box?

Sky do not allow two subscriptions in one house. Also the old HD box will only work if you have a hybrid LNB fitted in the dish and can only be used as a freesat box to watch free to view channels. Also it will not allow live pause or record.

Can I use a second hand Sky Box?

Unlike Sky Q, with Sky+ you own the box, so as long as you get your viewing card and pair it to the box, surely you can use any box you want.

Can you use Blue Sky card on unpaired box?

With the old blue cards, sky+ features would work in an unpaired box for the free to air channels only. Are you saying with the new white cards even that does not work and the card has to be paired in order to even record or play the free channels? Obviously only the box with the card in can record, so only of limited use.

Can you use Sky HD with any card?

You will not be able to use the sky Hd channels or record or pause functions though until you contact sky directly and they add the box on the system as an indirect box with the HD and sky + subscription. Using call back will pair any card to any box and allow you to view all premium channels.

What happens if I Lose my Sky premium card?

The customer will lose all access to any recordings of Sky premium channels (Sky Sports and Sky Movies) on the Sky+ box and can only gain access to the other recordings by temporarily transferring the primary card back to the Sky+ box. Perhaps your staff should make customers aware of this when they are upgrading.

Do you have to ring Sky to get a new box?

You can now pair your viewing card to a new or replacement box on line without having to ring Sky. Simply follow the instructions below.In order to carry out this pairing process, you will require the following details from your box/es: