Why is my balloon Molly swimming in circles?

Why is my balloon Molly swimming in circles?

Swim bladder function When the swim bladder malfunctions, the fish has trouble maintaining his level in the water and can sink to the bottom of the tank or be stuck near the top. The abnormal ballast can cause the fish to turn sidewise and swim on his side, or even roll entirely upside down.

Why is my fish swimming in circles?

What it could mean: Although some circular movement is normal, a fish—and particularly a goldfish—that is constantly swimming in circles—especially in a rapid, darting motion—could have ammonia poisoning.

Why is my pregnant Molly swimming vertically?

From personal experience. My mollies do this when they are about to drop fry in relation to the swimming straight up. When she swims vertical and shakes kind of crazy like, that’s the sign that she will give birth within a day or two.

Why is my Molly wiggling?

It occurs when fish are under severe stress, most often because of environmental problems. The classic scenario is when mollies are kept in soft or acidic water conditions. Though tolerant fish in many ways, they do not do well in soft or acidic water, and it is very common to see mollies kept that way start to shimmy.

Why is my Molly fish swimming upside down?

The species is fun to watch as they fin their way gracefully around the tank. Because they’re usually on the move, unusual things like a motionless molly listing off to one side or the freshwater fish swimming upside down are readily noticeable.

When to remove a Molly from the community?

If your molly isn’t interested in feeding and the other fish are leaving her alone, it’s not necessary to remove her from the community tank. However, if you recently introduced the fish to the community and bacteria could be at fault, isolate her in a hospital tank immediately to minimize exposure to other tank mates.

How to cure swim bladder disease in Molly fish?

In many instances, the fish will return to normal during this timeframe. If your fish hasn’t recovered or shown significant improvement within 48 hours, administer continued therapy in a separate tank. Put your fish on a high-fiber diet consisting of a peeled, cooked pea so the extra roughage can help clear constipation.

Why does my Molly fish not float in the water?

Fatty liver disease, kidney problems, or impacted eggs are other physical causes of floatation problems. Finally, bacterial counts in the tank, parasites, or high levels of nitrates can also be at fault. Check the temperature of your tank.