Why does my gas cooktop keeps clicking?

Why does my gas cooktop keeps clicking?

One major cause your gas stove keeps clicking is the food stuck on the burner or other parts. Food debris can accumulate in the igniter, which is the reason for it to keep clicking when it is turned off. Dislodging the food debris should stop the stove from clicking when turned off.

How do you fix a Jenn Air cooktop igniter?

How to Change a Jenn-Air Gas Cooktop Ignitor

  1. Turn off the gas.
  2. Unplug the cooktop.
  3. Lift off the burner grate.
  4. Lift off the burner cap.
  5. Remove the two screws that hold the burner base in place.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 through 5 with the other burner housed on the same side of the cooktop.
  7. Lift the cooktop cover.

Why is my igniter not working on my gas cooktop?

If so your cooktop does not use an electronic igniter and you should not be looking for a sparking or clicking sound. But if your burners won’t light the pilot light could be out. If none of the igniters spark check for a power failure.

Why does my gas cooktop keep clicking and ticking?

The igniter will only spark to ignite the gas when the knob is aligned to the Ignite position. You may have moisture in the burner ports from cleaning or a spill. Either allow to dry or clean according to “Sealed gas surface burners – How to clean surface burners, igniters, burner caps, and grates”.

How can I get my gas burners to stop clicking?

To activate the Cooktop Lock: Turn off all burners and touch the lock key for 3 seconds. When the Cooktop Lock activates, the Cooktop Lock indicator light will turn on and one long tone will sound. If the above instructions do not Unlock the controls refer to your Owner’s Manual for instructions on checking the Control Lockout feature.

What should I do if my oven igniter keeps clicking?

You can check this by: 1 Turning off the oven power. 2 Disconnecting the switch. 3 Using a multimeter to test whether the switch is working correctly. 4 If faulty, replacing the switch.