Why do boat trailers have surge brakes?

Why do boat trailers have surge brakes?

Most boat trailers are equipped with hydraulic “surge brakes”. It’s a simple but effective way to slow down the trailer in direct proportion to the urgency of your braking effort in the truck. The surge brake hitch (called an actuator) on the front of the trailer slides in & out as you travel along.

Can you add surge brakes to a boat trailer?

Helpful Expert Reply: Since you have a brake mounting flange on your boat trailer you could pretty easily install brakes on the trailer. Most likely the mounting flange is a 4 bolt flange (all 4 bolt flanges are the same), since your trailer is most likely not too heavy if it didn’t come with brakes.

How do you check surge brakes on a boat trailer?

Checking the brakes can be done in two ways. The easiest way is to raise one side of the trailer and spin the wheels while someone applies the surge brakes at the coupler.

What is a surge brake actuator?

Surge Brake Actuator systems work by the “surge” or “push” of the trailer toward the tow vehicle during deceleration which automatically synchronizes the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes.

How to replace a boat trailer surge brake actuator?

Use three fresh Grade-5 1/2-inch bolts, washers and locknuts to secure the assembly in position. The forward bottom bolt is used to secure the safety chains or cables, so you will need a slightly longer bolt and perhaps larger washers here. If using stainless-steel hardware, apply anti-seize to the threads to prevent galling.

What happens when a trailer surge brake jams?

If it jams while compressing, the brakes can lock up and subsequently suffer severe damage, and grow so hot while towing that they burst into flames. That’s when a malfunctioning actuator really gets your attention. Surge-brake actuators are integrated with trailer couplers, and the working parts are enclosed in a metal housing.

What are surge brake actuators for hydraulic disc brakes?

They are Bolt on assemblies. Surge Brake actuators are manufactured specifically for either Hydraulic Disc, or Hydraulic Drum Brakes. The difference between the two designs lies in the Master Cylinder.

Can a Titan surge actuator be replaced on a boat?

All replacement parts are Brand and Model Specific, so check the model and capacity of your Titan Surge Actuator to ensure proper fit. Titan Surge Actuators will work for any Boat Trailer of the appropriate capacity and tongue width.