Why did WikiLeaks go off line in 2010?

Why did WikiLeaks go off line in 2010?

In December 2010 faced a flurry of setbacks. It was forced off-line once again when the site’s domain name provider terminated its account in the wake of a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks; as with previous service interruptions, WikiLeaks remained available on mirror sites or by directly linking to its IP address.

How did WikiLeaks get its first batch of documents?

WikiLeaks received its first batch of sensitive documents not from a whistle-blower but from The Onion Router ( Tor), an encryption network designed to allow users to transmit data anonymously.

When did WikiLeaks release the East Anglia e mails?

In 2009 the site made news when it released a cache of internal e-mails from East Anglia University ’s Climatic Research Unit. Global warming skeptics seized on them as proof of a conspiracy to silence debate on the subject or conceal data.

Who was arrested in connection with the WikiLeaks leak?

The first formal charges were filed in May 2010, when Bradley Manning, a low-level U.S. Army intelligence analyst, was arrested in connection with the release of the 2007 helicopter video. Investigators later accused him of the diplomatic cable leak as well.

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