Why did my rock cakes not rise?

Why did my rock cakes not rise?

Using old or stale baking powder, or baking powder that has been improperly stored, can result in not enough rise, and flat dense cakes. As soon as the water is added to the baking powder the air bubbles are released, so leaving your batter to stand after mixing can also result in flatter, denser cakes.

Can baking be done without eggs?

Applesauce. Use a quarter cup of unsweetened applesauce in place of one egg in most baking recipes. Some sources say to mix it with half a teaspoon of baking powder. Applesauce is also a popular healthy replacement for oil in many baked goods.

Why are my rock buns dry?

Adding too much liquid – The recipe uses a large egg is yours are larger or smaller than this, adjust the amount of milk slightly. Overcooking – This could make your buns too dry.

What is the difference between scones and rock buns?

What’s the Difference Between Rock Cakes and Scones? Rock cake dough is stiffer, and the cakes are smaller, rolled into balls, and dropped like a cookie onto a baking sheet. Scone dough is gently patted or rolled out and then cut into shape before baking, which takes place at a higher temperature than rock cakes.

Do you need to add milk to rock buns?

All buns need a bit of sweetness and Rock Buns are no exception! Egg works as the binder in this recipe. I don’t tend to stress to much about the size of eggs in buns, as long as they’re free-range. In this recipe, milk is needed to add moisture to the buns and help create the dough.

How do you make rock buns with Granny?

In a large bowl, sift the flour. Add the butter and rub together with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the sugar and egg to the mixture. Add the milk a spoonful at a time, mixing together to create a thick, sticky dough – you may not need all the milk.

How do you make buns at home with no eggs?

Take a separate bowl and whisk the water or milk and margarine or butter together (Don’t forget that if you use margarine, you may need more milk). Combine the contents of two bowls and start mixing the dough. Continue mixing until you get a smooth and stretchy consistency.

Why are rock buns not a good recipe?

Turns out those ‘Rock Buns’ (inverted commas as I think it’s a stretch to actually call them so) were burnt well over done and probably not the best recipe, like most recipes our school produced. Turns out, I love Rock Buns!